A Few More Thoughts on Social Couponing

I was recently interviewed by News 97.5FM on this topic.  Most of what I said was reiteration of the earlier blog entry on social couponing.  The interesting part is when small business owners called in to express their views.  The few that called didn’t have a positive experience with social couponing.

You can listen to the interview here:

Social Couponing Interview – Part 1 and Social Couponing Interview – Part 2

It is increasingly evident that small firms that use this technique for customer acquisition will be disappointed if they don’t have a strategy for converting the coupon consumers into full paying, regular consumers.  From the consumer side, as consumers get used to great deals, will they ever want to go back to paying a full price?  There are more close to a 100 coupon sites now.  A great deal, it seems, is just a mouse click or two away.

One of the callers during the radio show said, (paraphrasing) “coupon people are coupon people.” That could be true.